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“Relationships and communities are created between people who

move together.”

- Dr Ruth Pethybridge

Experiential Movement Lab Geneva brings back movement as a means to stimulate creativity and foster innovation on individual and collective levels.


We design workshops, events and programs mixing embodiment with other disciplines for participants to reach a deepened level of connection with themselves and others and to acquire new mindsets and skills in the process.


EMLGe workshop @ ImpactHub

Actions speak louder than words

In our workshops, we practice transversal skills including:

  • welcoming the unknown

  • leading and following

  • co-creation.


In the process, we become more aware of our thought and behavioral patterns and open a space for creative choices moving forward.


Our work has already benefitted business leaders, fashion designers, engineers, musicians, economists, scientists and entrepreneurs in coming together for deeply meaningful experiences and collaborations. We also achieve heightened levels of integration of the learning as our participants are rooted in both their bodies’ and brains’.

Backed by science, powered by play

Our work has been developed and tested in innovation environments such as CERN IdeaSquare and Impact Hub and rocked the lives of hundreds of people worldwide. While we use different forms of play to make our sessions fun and accessible, our work is also backed up by scientific findings.


Embodied practices have been shown to increase group problem-solving abilities, connectedness, trust and cooperation (Cross et al. 2019). Engaging in music and movement has also been shown to enhance learning, emotional intelligence and creativity while reducing stress (Bojner Horwitz et al 2022).

Work with us!

We can help you create meaningful and rewarding experiences for your spaces / teams / colleagues / events and organizations. We have expertise in designing and delivering on both online and in presence formats and are know for creating strong engagement across audiences.

To experience the potential of our embodiment process, join us for one of our live workshops that we organize throughout the year.

Grounded in embodiment

Embodiment is a rising field, that has applications in leadership, entrepreneurship, team building and beyond.

While working with innovation facilitation in creative ecosystems we discovered the need to improve the quality of collaboration to get the best-performing individuals and teams. At the same time, we saw the potential of embodied practices and the power they can have in the professional field. Thus, we developed an approach, marrying the best of the two worlds.

In our team, we understand both the formal aspects of innovation from cross-industry collaborations and policy, as well as the importance of deep informal engagement and the day-to-day micro-activities and their importance in forming habits and culture. 


We are versed in facilitation, research, coaching, and hosting innovation processes. Through our work we enable individuals to be their best possible selves.


We are trained in the following fields...

Innovation & Creative processes

We assemble techniques from

  • design thinking

  • future forecasting

  • scientific exploration

Movement & Bodywork

We draw inspiration from

  • individual, couple & group dance

  • open forms of movement e.g. 5rythms

  • contact improv

  • body-mind therapy and meditation

Improvisation & Play

We work with methods from

  • improvisation theatre

  • speed dating

  • variety of games

Photos by Mei-Ling Mirow via Unsplash & Jonathan Moy de Vitry.

We speak English, French, Finnish and Persian.


Who we work with

We have developed dedicated workshops for Swiss organizations including:


The team behind the EMLGe had the chance to develop groundbreaking

workshop formats whilst working at CERN IdeaSquare, the innovation space at CERN.

This work was delivered for the benefit of cohorts of students coming from CERN IdeaSquare’s partner universities including: 


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impacthub geneva for emlge.png






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Ready to move?

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  • Contact us with your ideas, proposals, questions, suggestions, and encouragement 

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